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Robinson Crusoe


As a novel Robinson Crusoe is not the easiest to read, three hundred years separate us, their world and ours will never connect too much has passed for that, however we are the same species with faults and all human.The well known story shows survival is the ultimate prize for the vast majority of creatures called people of the Earth. A lone and lonely man shipwrecked by an intense storm in a hostile foreign environment, far away from his own land in fearful existence as any normal being would be, living from day to day escaping and hiding from cannibals.. A nearby island they come, feasting on captured rival tribes these natives of the Caribbean Sea of the late 1600's never could imagine what will occur in the future here while eating in their banquet and devouring the victims , the creamy-white sands don't stay that color . Today millions of tourists travel to the gorgeous beaches as the Sun's bright rays shine on these happy men and women from cold places seeking relaxation. On the other hand Mr. Crusoe complains of being soaked by the rains...Until Friday shows up his parrot with a limited vocabulary and spicy dialogue I'm sure, being a gentleman the narrator fails to bring to light and you can't consider his other pets the cats , dogs and especially the numerous goats they communicate very little except for dinner (let me be very clear on this they eat, not Mr.Robinson...mostly). Some of the best action scenes are not on the isle but off the island either a long distant from shore or the Atlantic, Arabs of North Africa kidnap the sailor making him a slave but ships sink, pirates are greedy, and while digging for useful items on his beach still the tide flows in, hanging to a piece of wood which was once a ship, yet finding rum has its compensations ...this because our friend ignored his father's warning, leaves anyway the comfortable home at 18 for adventure and suffers for his mistakes...The battle with hungry wolves in the mountains of northern Spain is the best... the frozen ground saturated with blood and angry desperate beasts kill or die their only option. Dislike or enjoy ...a book which changed literature and for the second time shadows of the Earth arose and I touched

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